Alaris Antennas Acquires New Machinery

Alaris Antennas recently acquired a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) milling machine in our toolroom, to improve speed of prototyping and production efficiency.

The CNC milling machine is a versatile piece of machinery that is used to machine complex 2D or 3D geometries. The machine is used to cut, drill and tap all in one operation.

This impressive machine enables our workshop to manufacture more complex parts than were previously possible. The parts manufactured are of a much better quality, with finer tolerances, at much greater speeds than ever before.

The machine can mill many different types of materials such as plastics, aluminium, stainless steel etc. At Alaris the machine will be used to manufacture new antenna parts, assist in making jigs as well as facilitate prototyping work done by our engineers.

Some parts that have been made so far include pieces for a large number of various antennas and a clamping jig for engraving. Below are some pictures of some of the items produced by this machine:



There are many advantages to having an “in-house” CNC milling machine:

  1. Less parts have to be outsourced to external manufacturers, thus saving Alaris money and cutting costs.
  2. By making all the parts in house, it negates the need to reorder parts from manufacturers if they are faulty or the wrong size. This allows the workshop staff to work closely with the Production and Quality departments.
  3. If parts made by an external supplier do not fit the given raw material, booms, elements or fitting parts then the batch must be scrapped or sent to the toolroom for rework. This costs money and wastes time. When making the parts “in house” the first sample part can be easily checked with all the fitting parts.

This machine is a great boost to Alaris Antennas’ capabilities as a high class manufacturing entity.

Alaris Antennas to acquire on-site ESS Equipment

Alaris Antennas is excited to announce that we will be acquiring our own ESS equipment which we are expecting to be installed by the end of April 2018.

This equipment will consist of a 1.8 m x 2 m x 2 m walk-in climate chamber which has a temperature range of -40 to +80 degrees celsius, and a humidity range of 10% to 90%. The chamber will be equipped with Digital thermal and humidity set point control via TOHO 339 and TOHO 229 programmable digital controllers.

We will also be acquiring two vibration tables. The smaller table, with a max weight of 40 kg, will allow us to shake the equipment up to 2000Hz frequency (1.2 to 3 G). The larger table will accommodate more complex systems and complete antennas up to 100 + kg at 500Hz.

The floor of the chamber will be designed with a pocket section to facilitate the vibration systems i.e. we will be able to run the climate cycling together with vibration testing while running active antenna tests.

The decision to acquire our own test equipment is due to our focus on ensuring the quality of our products.

54th Annual AOC International Symposium and Convention

Juergen Dresel, Claire Nitch and David Moschella of Cyntony manned the stand at 54th Annual AOC International Symposium and Convention in Washington, USA from 28-30th November. The show was well attended with a 30% increase in delegate registration and 10% increase in exhibitors. Both current and new clients were met which opened up new potential opportunities.

At the show the DF-A0120, 20-3000MHz Adcock manpack antenna and LPDA-A0097, 30-500MHz tactical wire LPDA, were on display which attracted great interest.

Electronic Warfare South Africa 2017

Craig Watkins, Business Development Manager for the African Region, recently attended the EW South Africa Conference on behalf of Alaris. He had this to say about the event:

“The AOC Aardvark Roost recently hosted the Electronic Warfare South Africa conference and exhibition at the CSIR in Pretoria.”

“Alaris Antennas has, since inception been a proud contributor to the fields of electronic warfare and specialised communications in South Africa. As a proud partner of many of those at the event and others, Alaris also assisted in sponsoring the event and offering a presence and meaningful, personal interaction with all the stakeholders at the event.”

“EWSA 2017 sought to bring together representatives from throughout the world of electronic warfare and even beyond it. Delegates and presenters travelled from all over South Africa, as well as international visitors from further afield. The presentations given in the excellent conference facilities at the CSIR International Conference Centre included a look at future technological and socio-political developments and challenges for the EW community, as well as presentations from those involved in the current industry. Undeniably important in feeding this industry, academics and researchers offered some dynamic and thought-provoking ideas. Sometimes all too easy to gloss over, the relevance of EW in the real world was brought home by some frank presentations and discussions of the current and existing technologies, techniques and applications of electronic warfare. It was also encouraging to see the involvement of South African universities, who offered the support to send their young students to the event to both present their ideas and gain some exposure to the real and evolving world of electronic warfare.”

“That the attendance was so prolific and that the delegates remained in their droves for the entire duration speaks volumes for the successful execution by the Aardvark Roost. By all accounts, the event was well-received and a useful platform for those who operate in and supply into the EW sphere.”

“Alaris would like to extend our thanks to the Aardvark Roost and its president, Mr Ryno van Staden, for continuing to support the electronic warfare sector in South Africa and for successfully arranging such a fine event.”

Alaris Antennas at DSEI 2017

Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) is the world leading event that brings together the global defence and security sector to innovate and share knowledge. The show is held every two years, and is a highlight for Alaris.

Juergen Dresel and Chicot van Niekerk attended the DSEI show in London, which took place from 12th to 15th September 2017, on behalf of Alaris, as part of the South African National Pavilion.

It was a successful show, where we met with both existing and new clients, and received 2 substantial orders.

Alaris Holdings releases solid annual results for the year

Centurion, 19 September 2017. Local JSE AltX listed technology holding company, Alaris Holdings (Alaris), released their annual financial results on the 19th of September. The continuing operations performed satisfactorily during the financial year, against the backdrop of a strong year last year and the strengthening Rand.


  • Revenue from continuing operations increased by 21% from R132.1 million to R159.4 million.
  • Normalised earnings from continuing operations decreased by 26% from R31.5 million to R23.4 million mainly due to the net foreign exchange loss in this period
  • Net cash from operating activities of R13.1 million for the year.
  • Repurchased a total of 40 million shares from Aucom management as part of the Aucom disposal transaction.
  • Shares in issue (less treasury shares) reduced to 116.1 million at year end.

“Revenue from continuing operations increased by 21%, which was supported by the acquisition of COJOT.  Operations performed satisfactorily in a challenging environment and despite the stronger Rand.  All is on track with a focused IP strategy and the synergies between Alaris and COJOT.”, says group CEO, Juergen Dresel.

Segmental Overview

Alaris Antennas designs, manufactures and sells specialised broadband antennas as well as other related radio frequency products. Revenue was up 5% and profit after tax increased from R33.9m to R34.9 million.

Alaris Antennas continued to be a leader in product innovation, adding 74 new products to its portfolio in the financial year to support future top line growth.  “To ensure that we remain agile and are able to adopt to our client’s needs in a quick and responsive way as the business grows, we have implemented various measures to ensure that our multi-disciplinary teams are working on a common goal to deliver high quality products”, Dresel remarks.

COJOT Oy is a Finnish based company which develops innovative broadband antennas to improve connectivity, coverage and competitiveness of radio equipment deployed to save lives and protect property. It contributed revenue of R36.3 million and profit after tax of R3.9 million. “A €1 million order from Europe was delayed and only received in June 2017, resulting in a lower than expected performance for the financial year ended 30 June 2017. This order will be delivered in the first half of the 2018 financial year, which will provide an excellent start to the year”, says Dresel.


Alaris Antennas is diversifying territories and entering into new market segments where the Company’s core competencies find application. Management believes the business has significant potential for organic, as well as acquisitive growth where there is a complimentary opportunity in markets and products.

For Alaris Antennas, organic growth is stimulated and achieved through understanding customers’ needs and adding new innovative products to the portfolio.

A couple of projects are underway to improve Alaris’ operational scalability.

“The opportunities we have been involved in this past financial year have increased in size and relate to a wider geographical diversity. This supports our strategy of global growth and the diversification of our product portfolio” says Dresel.


Having the products designed locally by a team of engineers and manufactured at the Alaris premises in Centurion, distinguishes the business from value added resellers and makes Alaris competitive in the global market. This results in 86% of the revenue being received from exports.

COJOT is a customer intimate business where new product development is centered around the customer’s needs.

The business is complemented by partnerships with contract manufacturers and a professional service provider network to enable sustainable growth.  

Investment into an inhouse accounting function, a standardised ERP and the planned CRM solution across the Group will further improve transparency and cohesive interaction between the various teams globally.

The Alaris and COJOT businesses are complimentary and the combined operations will allow existing customers to receive an improved service as well as an expanded product portfolio. “The integration of the sales capability and product portfolio of the COJOT and Alaris teams resulted in cross-selling of R2 million. Capitalizing on the synergies between the two companies, as well as cross-selling opportunities will remain a priority in the year ahead”, mentioned Dresel.

International expansion is an important part of the Group’s global strategy and management will remain on the lookout for further opportunities to increase the global footprint with specific focus on the United States.

For media related enquiries and interview opportunities with Alaris CEO, Juergen Dresel, please contact:

Sonja Balt

Alaris Holdings

E-mail: or

Telephone: +27 11 034 5300

Alaris Launches New Websites

This past week, to coincide with the start of our new financial year, we have launched our new websites.

The project, which forms part of the revitalisation of our brand, has been a long, but very worthwhile process.  It started in the beginning of January with the creation of the concepts and subsequently, the implementation of a new Brand Blueprint, which delves into what Alaris as a brand, is striving to achieve.

The aim of the redesign is to make our websites more user friendly, eye-catching and professional. We have refined certain aspects of the old sites, particularly our specialised product search function on the Antennas website.  In addition, new features have been added, including a Quote Request form and an option to pay for orders by credit card.

The Alaris Antennas site is already starting to generate interest, with a number of quote requests and contact forms being received.

This gives us a glance of a very positive future for the new websites, and for the Alaris brand.

Please feel free to contact us via with any feedback on the new sites.

Alaris Antennas at DSEI 2017

Alaris Antennas will be participating in the DSEI 2017 Exhibition as part of the South African Pavilion. This show takes place in London, from the 12th to 15th September 2017.

Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) is the world leading event that brings together the global defence and security sector to innovate and share knowledge. DSEI represents the entire supply chain on an unrivalled scale.

Further information will be provided closer to the event.

Alaris Antennas experiences unprecedented success with the DF-A0037

Alaris Antennas has identified a current and future all-encompassing antenna solution in the DF-A0037. Since the introduction of this product into the world, Alaris has had unprecedented success with the product. The DF-A0037 is a vehicle and marine-based direction finding antenna solution.

The DF-A0037 is a wideband DF antenna suitable for rugged applications. Based on the more portable DF-A0029 product, the rugged version features upgraded mechanical and environmental features to improve performance when mounted on a vehicle.

The antenna has a loop array for good DF performance at low frequencies where the phase size of the array is small, and two pentagonal arrays for the middle and high frequency ranges. Secondary pentagonal arrays of dipoles and monopoles provide good omni-directional antennas up to 3.6 GHz when appropriately combined. A HF whip on top of the antenna provides a sensitive omni output for this band.

A decagonal cylindrical cavity inside the antenna, approximately 350 mm wide x 370 mm high, allows switching, amplification and RF processing to be integrated into the antenna, reducing cable loss and weight.

V/UHF Communications Antennas

VCF Antenna Family

The VCF Family of V/UHF Vehicular Center-fed Dipole Antennas brings efficiency and flexibility to the tactical mobile and fighting vehicle communications platforms. Encapsulated in an epoxy-glass sleeve, providing strength and protection to the radiating elements and isolation from overhead power lines, the VCF range of antennas are center-fed for maximum efficiency, and being ground independent, are ideal for use on platforms with limited or no ground plane.

All antennas utilize a common base/spring mounting assembly, available in either 4 hole US, or 6 hole NATO patterns, simplifying vehicle antenna logistics and installations, and enabling rapid ‘tool free’ antenna replacement, on a single mounting base.

Various direct to mast-mounting adapters are available for mast mounted base station or static mobile deployment.