Our Mission

Alaris Antenna’s mission is to deliver high quality antenna solutions on time through technical and service excellence.

Furthermore, it is our mission to deliver innovative, customised, high quality antenna and related RF product solutions to global RF system integrators speedily through technical and service excellence.

Our Vision

It is our vision to be:

  • a global, world class trusted antenna and RF subsystem partner to our customers.
  • the global antenna supplier/partner of choice for the defence, security and telecommunications markets.

Positioning Statement

For the global defence, security and telecommunications markets, Alaris Antennas delivers on time high quality antenna solutions, offering customisation supported by technical and service excellence, as Alaris Antennas is the trusted and innovative partner to its clients for over a decade.

Corporate Values

The Alaris Antennas VALUES define the way we do business and guide us daily in how we behave and make decisions. In order for us to achieve our GOALS, execute our STRATEGY effectively and realise our VISION, we are committed to live our values every day.

As part of the Alaris strategy, we are driven to deliver quality solutions through innovation and service excellence.  Whilst every staff member strives to achieve excellence in their performance, our focus remains on being client centric – both internally and externally.  The core force for achieving our goals is based on integrity and accountability, which is evident in the strong relationships, not only with our clients and business partners, but also amongst colleagues.

Alaris Antennas Corporate Values