Alaris Antennas (Defence and Specialised) designs, manufactures and distributes antenna products for the global defence, homeland security and specialised antenna market sectors. Our clients are mostly international Electronic Warfare (EW) system houses, but also include semi- and governmental organizations. Our esteemed clients use our products for military defence, security, VIP protection (commercial) and general communication markets. A new segment that the company has entered into is the Test and Measurement field, with the DF-A0047. We typically sell through distributors / agents in countries where it is difficult to work directly, due to barriers of language, culture or business practices.

Our products are subject to classification of Arms Control in line with the Directorate of Conventional Arms Control (DCAC). Depending on the intended applications of the antennas, they are classified as either: Military, Dual Use or Civil use. Our products are exported in accordance with its classification, as directed by the DCAC, with whom we have a strong relationship.

The market continuously demands increased frequency band widths. Alaris Antennas is well qualified and focused in this regard. Our competitive advantage is that we offer unique products through technical competency and excellent service. We assist our clients to win their contracts by giving them a cutting edge advantage through superior antenna technology. We strive to partner with our clients and tailoring solutions to their needs, thereby achieving outstanding results.