New Group CTO at Alaris Holdings

The Alaris Group has been expanding over the last few years and through this expansion, the need for a Group CTO role has become evident. This role will play a central role in providing guidance to the CTO roles in the subsidiaries and will coordinate and foster technical cooperation and synergies between the Alaris Group of companies R&D and technical efforts. It will establish the Group’s technical vision and lead aspects of the Group’s technological development.

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Dr Chris Vale, will fulfil the role of the Alaris Holdings Group CTO. Dr Vale joined Alaris Antennas in 2003 in the R&D department and has been with the Company for 16 years, during which time he has served in various capacities, proving himself to be a committed company advocate.

Due to Chris moving into a Group role, this leaves an opportunity and vacancy within Alaris Antennas for the CTO role. Dr Vale will be actively involved in discharging his current duties as CTO until his replacement is found. The Executive Board considered Chris’s loyalty to the company, the years of excellent service, enthusiasm and kind manner. We believe Chris represents and lives the Alaris values.

We wish Chris all the best in his new role.

mWAVE’s OQCL0-04-LC – High Powered CP Wideband Omni Antennas Delivers

mWAVE’s wideband omni antennas feature customizable configurations the most discriminating deployment applications can demand. These UHF FTS High Powered LHCP Wideband Omni Antennas – model number OQCL0-04-LC is designed for the commercial sector and for use in military applications. These antennas are designed and manufactured to support both fixed site and mobile applications.  All models provide hemispherical coverage over a frequency range of 370 MHz to 450 MHz and is capable of handling either 1,000 or 1,500 watts of continuous power (CW).  RF inputs are available with LC female, 7/8 EIA or 7/16 DIN female input connectors.  The connector input is situated at the base of the antenna.  Customizable alternate RF input options are available on request.  Input VSWR is 1.2:1 maximum.  The design of these antennas provides maximum life cycle over a broad temperature range in the most extreme environments including salt, sand, and radial ice. 

Other antenna model versions and frequency bands with various power handling options and polarizations are available on request.

mWAVE’s custom design team will design and manufacture antennas to meet your specific requirements. Our engineers have experience from 100 MHz to over 110 GHz, and with apertures ranging in size from a single patch to over 15 feet. Let us partner with you to develop a set of specifications that meet your system requirements.

For additional information and questions, contact mWAVE.

COJOT Product Spotlight: Wideband Antennas for all Major Wireless Frequencies

COJOT offers wideband antennas for the 400 – 6000 MHz range that provide an ideal solution to different kind of applications and for various types of installation environments – covering wireless technologies like 5G, LTE, LINK-16, WLAN & ISM 2.4GHz & 5 GHz and WiMAX.

Compact NATO / US Pattern Mount Vehicle Antennas

WB460M: 430 – 6000 MHz, 100 W

The WB460M is a highly compact, lightweight and low-profile vehicle antenna that is ideally suited for communication and ground-to-air applications like LINK 16.

  • Excellent upward radiation performance
  • High gain over the entire frequency range 
  • NATO / US pattern mount

WB425M: 400 – 6000 MHz, 200 W

The WB425M is a highly compact vehicle antenna that is very well suited for jamming and monitoring applications.

  • High power rating, 200W
  • Optimal horizontal coverage 
  • Light antenna with NATO / US pattern mount

Compact magnetic mount vehicle antenna

WB460W: 420 – 6000 MHz, 200 W

The WB460W is a magnetic mount antenna for applications where a quick antenna setup and removal is required or where a permanent installation is not desired.

  • Ideal operation in the UHF / SHF bands
  • High power rating, starting from 200W
  • Reliable and durable magnetic mount for temporary installations in ECM, Monitoring and Comms applications.

Portable antenna with shock absorption spring

WB460Q: 420 – 6000 MHz, 40 W

The WD460Q is a rugged, high performance manpack antenna that does not require a ground plane for proper operation. The antenna is particularly suited for portable communication and jamming applications.

  • Effective coverage of the entire frequency range
  • Rugged antenna construction with shock absorption spring

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mWAVE’s 0.3m (1-ft.) Parabolic Antennas go the Distance

mWAVE’s small aperture millimeter wave antennas are used worldwide in a diverse array of applications.  In a recent project the mWAVE HRP1-800 – 1-ft. (0.3m) parabolic antenna was selected to solve a back-haul requirement in a project that provides broadband access to remote communities in Africa and South America. In other projects these small diameter antennas have been utilized in rapid deployment situations for disaster recovery programs such as post-earthquake and hurricane impacted areas with great success.

Generally deployed in fixed point to point situations these antennas have most recently been designed into innovative mobile platforms. The use of millimeter wave antennas can include voice, data and video applications across the commercial, government, and military communication segments of the industry.  mWAVE engineers, design and manufacture 80-GHz millimeter wave antennas in 1-ft (0.3m), 2-ft (0.6m), 3-ft (0.9m) and 4-ft (1.2m) diameter sizes that exhibit typical terrestrial hop ranges of 0.5 miles (1km) to 7-miles (12km).  When deployed in a stratospheric airborne scenario these hops can be in increased by 25 – 50 times. 

For additional information and questions, contact mWAVE.

Alaris Antennas Vacation Work

Alaris Antennas is a specialist Direction Finding antenna designer and manufacturer, employing Electronic, Industrial and Mechanical Engineers. One of the company’s key strengths lies in its ability to develop and hold its own intellectual property as it continues to invest significantly in research and development, adding to its competitive advantage.

We run a programme to involve individuals who are interested in becoming part of an industry which provides ample opportunities, cutting-edge technology and international exposure. In addition, we are grounded in an entrepreneurial culture, which is balanced by a strong risk management discipline, client-centric approach and the ability to be innovative.

As the Alaris Holdings Group of companies encompasses subsidiaries located in South Africa, the USA and Finland, we are proud to welcome people to our teams across the globe. If you have the required expertise, have a keen interest in innovation and share our commitment to deliver an exceptional client experience, Alaris might just be the company for you. You will be challenged to think out of the box and develop new skills.

Alaris offers vacation work opportunities during which students will be exposed to various activities in the company gaining valuable experience and knowledge. Not only will you gain experience which could be added to your curriculum vitae but you will receive exposure to world-class engineers, niche products and a wealth of engineering innovation.

In addition, employees have opportunities to further their education via bursaries, external training and inhouse training.

Here are some success stories from current employees who found their way to Alaris via the student vac-work programme

Werner von Ruben – The student work I did at Alaris Antennas was very rewarding. I learnt a lot about the working and application of antennas. Working as a student at Alaris Antennas the engineers did not waiver to mentor me in understanding complex problems I could not quiet grasp with my studies or in projects. The employees are very friendly and would not hesitate to help when asked. Most importantly, I learned the real world application of Electronic Engineering which you cannot learn at any tertiary study institution.

Michael du Plessis – I was employed at Alaris Antennas, back then it was still Poynting Defence and Specialised, as a student during the December holidays of 2013 as part of a requirement for a module at the University of Pretoria. I was exposed to a lot of different learning opportunities in different fields including software, hardware, manufacturing and testing during the time I spent at Alaris. I had the opportunity to develop a testing jig, from scratch, in order to test various sub-assemblies of an antenna. This included everything, from software that could test each sub-assembly to the layout of the required PCBs and manufacturing of the enclosure. I also had the opportunity to investigate the performance of a digital compass in an attempt to improve the performance of the compass in their specific application. In order to achieve this I had to create a measurement plan, write software that was able to automatically capture the raw data from the  compass while rotating and process the data. The staff that I worked with was always willing to assist me with any question that I had and went out of their way to teach me. Alaris offered me a bursary during my time working there to pay for the remainder of my studies which also guaranteed me employment after I completed my studies. During my final year of studies Alaris allowed me to make use of their facilities and equipment where needed to complete my final year project. I have now been employed by Alaris for almost 5 years in their R&D department and still enjoy the challenge that antennas, or as most antenna people call it “black magic”, present each day.”

Jaryd Baker – Working at Alaris Antennas over university holidays gave me an opportunity to gain experience in my field that cannot be learnt from books. The engineering team at Alaris is always eager to teach students and assist them with university work. This assistance has been invaluable to me as an aspiring engineer. Thank you Alaris for giving me the opportunity to develop myself as an engineer

COJOT Product Spotlight: High Power SBA Antennas for Drone Detection and Jamming

COJOT is extending its range of smart antennas with a high-power version of the popular SBA2458DB and SBA4450B Switched Beam Antennas. The new high-power versions are specified for a power rating of up to 100 W – providing high performance capabilities. Their extremely fast beam switching ability makes these antennas particularly suitable for drone detection & jamming as well as high-power tactical communication applications. The SBA antenna platform can also be adapted to support other frequency bands.

High Power Dual Band SBA (2.4 & 5.8 GHz)

The SBA2458XDB is a high-power dual band Switched Beam Antenna that is particularly suitable for drone detection and jamming applications (WIFI bands).

  • Extremely fast beam switching        
  • Superior gain performance with low side lobe levels
  • Different beam modes available
  • High power rating – 100 W

High Power SBA (4400 – 5000 MHz)

The SBA4450XB is a high power switched beam antenna for UHF IV band that provides superior gain performance with low side lobe levels.

  • LPI/LPD features
  • Different beam modes available
  • Fast beam switching by using RS-485 based communication
  • High power rating – 100 W

For more information, visit

mWAVE’s Custom Engineering Group – RF and Mechanical Technical Solutions

mWAVE’s engineering staff designs RF and mechanical solutions that overcome a broad array of real-world challenges.  Be it network equipment limitations or to fill a missing link in a client’s research and development project, mWAVE helps by delivering innovation at every level.  

These experienced engineers and scientists are specialists in the 100-MHz to 115-GHz frequencies and are routinely developing customized antenna solutions to meet a client’s specific needs.  Typical custom product designs range from a micro-strip array, panel antenna, horns, feeds (multi-band, conscan and monopulse), helices, sectors, omnidirectional antennas and waveguide arrays.  These highly specialized products range from OEM radio interfaces, ruggedize combat mobile devices, and severe environment antennas to airborne aerials, customized large earth station (satellite) feeds, and complete packaged antenna systems.  mWAVE recently delivered a challenging Dual-Circular Polarized – High Power Conical Horn Array Feed for L, S and C bands to a customer with exceptional results.

mWAVE’s engineering group maintains both a fully equipped indoor and outdoor antenna test ranges that are utilized to verify new antenna designs as well as for production verification and third-party testing for its customers.

mWAVE’s custom engineering team is your partner in finding solutions that meet and surpass your requirements.

For additional information and questions, contact mWAVE.

Cojot Product Spotlight: Lightweight rubber spring antennas

COJOT is promoting its range of compact manpack antennas that feature a rubber spring instead of a traditional shock absorption spring made of steel.  The beneficial characteristic of this alternative type of shock absorption spring is that it makes the antenna up to 30 % lighter and better attenuates oscillation of the antenna.

Wideband UHF Manpack Antenna (420-2700 MHz)

The WD427RQ is a compact manpack antenna that features a rubber spring and comes with high power handling capabilities – making the antenna well suited for portable Counter-RCIED and jamming applications. This antenna is also available with a traditional steel shock absorption spring.

  • Excellent performance over the entire frequency range
  • Small visual signature and low weight

High Gain GSM/3G/LTE Manpack Antenna (790 – 2700 MHz)

The HD827RQ is a high gain manpack that comes with a rubber spring. This light antenna is highly suitable for portable communication and jamming applications. Its centre fed design minimises interference of the human body on the radiation performance of the antenna.

  • Unique electrical design
  • Optimised performance for GSM, 3G and 4G LTE frequency bands
  • Rugged antenna construction with a light rubber shock absorption spring

Lightweight rubber spring solutions are also available for other frequencies

  • 225 – 512 MHz : VHF/UHF Dipole Manpack Antenna WD2245RQ
  • 480 – 2800 MHz: Wideband UHF Manpack Antenna  WD528RQ
  • 800 – 960 MHz, 1710 – 2170 MHz: High Gain Dual-Band Antenna HD820RQ
  • 960 – 1215 MHz: High Gain LINK16 Manpack Antenna HD913RQ

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Alaris Holdings Results 2019 Financial Year

Alaris Holdings Limited released their financial year end results at an event at the JSE on Thursday, 26 September 2019.

The Group performed exceptionally well for the year ended 30 June 2019, resulting in an impressive profit increase of 25% from R32.9 million to R41.1 million.

Net cash flow from operating activities decreased by 41% from R43.8 million to R25.9 million. The decrease in cash is due to several projects that were completed and invoiced during June, but not yet due for payment in the 2019 financial year.

The Group’s cash position was R41.8 million on 30 June 2019 following the acquisition of mWAVE Industries LLC for a cash consideration of R30.2 million on 1 October 2018.

During this year, Alaris Antennas also managed to conclude projects in the second half of the year, which were delayed during the first half.

The Group’s active global expansion allows for an enhanced product and service offering, based on an extended knowledge spectrum across the subsidiaries. Not only do the Group’s customers benefit from access to highly skilled engineers across the globe, but the four companies are uniquely positioned to serve as trusted advisors in providing customers with technologically advanced and customised solutions.

Sustainable organic growth will remain a strategic priority for the Group, whilst operational activities are continuously aligned as the operations expand.

The companies in the Group are strongly focused on research and development, and hold invaluable, exploitable patented technologies that can be monetised into the future. Cross-selling opportunities and processes are in place to further capitalise on synergies between the subsidiaries.

The design and development of new products based on the uniquely combined skill sets of the four companies will continue to provide competitive features and enable increased performance for end users. All four segments relentlessly strive to provide their customers with a technological edge through constant product innovation and excellent service.

The Group’s global strategy remains one of bold international expansion. Prospects for the period ahead are decidedly positive. By diversifying into different territories and entering new market segments, the management team’s focus is to ensure ongoing profitable organic and acquisitive growth for the Alaris Holdings Group and its stakeholders.

Cojot Product Spotlight: High Power Ultra Wideband ECM Antennas

COJOT is extending its range of ultra-wideband antennas with a high power version of the popular WB425M, WB525M and WB225M vehicle models. The new high power versions are specified for a power rating of up to 400W (RMS) – providing high performance capabilities while keeping a low profile.

Wideband High-Power Antenna (400-6000 MHz)

The  WB425XM is a highly compact vehicle antenna of low profile that is very well suited for a variety of applications in the 400 – 6000 MHz frequency range.

  • Excellent performance over the entire frequency range
  • High power rating, 400 W at 100% duty cycle

Ultra Wideband VHF/UHF/SHF Antenna (200 – 6000 MHz)

The WB225XM is a rugged vehicle antenna with 400W power rating that works from 200MHz onwards.

  • High power rating, 400 W at 100% duty cycle
  • Good horizontal gain starting from 200 MHz onwards
  • Easy to install to different kind of environments
  • Ideal operation over a very wide bandwidth

High-Power UHF / SHF Antenna (500 – 6000 MHz)

WB525XM is low-profle, compact and high power antenna that is well suited for jamming and communication applications  with 500 – 6000 MHz frequency range.

  • Ideal operation in the UHF/SHF bands
  • High performance, 400 W at 100% duty cycle

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