Cojot Product Spotlight: High Power Ultra Wideband ECM Antennas

COJOT is extending its range of ultra-wideband antennas with a high power version of the popular WB425M, WB525M and WB225M vehicle models. The new high power versions are specified for a power rating of up to 400W (RMS) – providing high performance capabilities while keeping a low profile.

Wideband High-Power Antenna (400-6000 MHz)

The  WB425XM is a highly compact vehicle antenna of low profile that is very well suited for a variety of applications in the 400 – 6000 MHz frequency range.

  • Excellent performance over the entire frequency range
  • High power rating, 400 W at 100% duty cycle

Ultra Wideband VHF/UHF/SHF Antenna (200 – 6000 MHz)

The WB225XM is a rugged vehicle antenna with 400W power rating that works from 200MHz onwards.

  • High power rating, 400 W at 100% duty cycle
  • Good horizontal gain starting from 200 MHz onwards
  • Easy to install to different kind of environments
  • Ideal operation over a very wide bandwidth

High-Power UHF / SHF Antenna (500 – 6000 MHz)

WB525XM is low-profle, compact and high power antenna that is well suited for jamming and communication applications  with 500 – 6000 MHz frequency range.

  • Ideal operation in the UHF/SHF bands
  • High performance, 400 W at 100% duty cycle

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mWAVE Product Spotlight: Dual-Circular Polarised High Power Conical Horn Array Feed for L, S & C Bands

mWAVE Industries, LLC recently completed the design, manufacture and testing of a pair of custom feed assemblies that will be installed in a 20-meter satellite earth station antenna.  mWAVE’s Custom Engineering Group designed this dual-circular polarized cassegrain feed assembly to allow signals across 3 bands to be transmitted and received. This high-power conical array feed operates in L and S bands in addition to a circular polarized corrugated conical horn that operates in the C band. This design features an inherently high gain with a 29dB return loss and 350 Watt power handling maximum across the L and S bands.

Feeds such as this design do not exist as a commercial off-the-shelf product and must be custom engineered to the customer’s specification. mWAVE’s Custom Engineering Group is recognized worldwide for their decades of experience and innovation. They are known for finding economical solutions that are sometimes based on existing designs, and sometimes stretch the science where a completely new theoretical approach may be necessary to meet a customer’s desired specifications.

Additional mWAVE engineering services include antenna design, range testing, analysis and product performance verification

For additional information and questions, contact mWAVE.

Mandela Day 2019 – Fight against hunger – Impacting lives in the Alaris community

Mandela Day 2019 was celebrated at Alaris Antennas with the theme #Action Against Hunger.

Mandela Day is a global call to action that celebrates the idea that each individual has the power to transform the world, the ability to make an impact. This annual international day in honour of Nelson Mandela, is celebrated annually on 18 July, Mandela’s birthday.

At Alaris, we embrace the concept of “changing one life at a time” and this year, we decided to focus on a beneficiary in our local community.

A wise man once said that “a hungry child can’t learn”.  With this in mind, the staff at Alaris came together and made sandwiches to be delivered to a school in our community.  Staff contributed loaves of bread and Alaris Antennas matched the contribution with the necessary spreads.

On Thursday morning, 18 July, a cheerful crowd came together and eagerly got to work spreading the slices of bread.  The staff contribution was outstanding and the morning’s activities resulted into an awesome achievement of about 1100 sandwiches.


The school that was chosen as beneficiary, is Olievenhoutbosch Secondary School, based in the township of Olievenhoutbosch in Centurion, on the outskirts of Pretoria, South Africa. As we have been involved with the school before, we knew that the contribution will be welcomed.

Some of the staff members visited the school to deliver the boxes of bread and sandwiches. These  were gratefully received by the children, teachers and headmistress.

A brief background on the school and justification to get involved:

  • This is a “no fee” and public school, based in the Olievenhoutbosch township in Pretoria.
  • The concept of a “no fee” school is that the parents do not pay school fees, since the school is located in a very poor community. They are dependent on grants from the Department of Education and the involvement of the business community.
  • The school has about 1400 learners and the 107 matriculants achieved a 100% matric pass rate last year, including a couple of distinctions.
  • The great concern is that some of the learners go without food for a whole day.
  • The school is managed by a strong and positive principal whose aim is to bring change to the community.

During this initiative, we were once again reminded that one individual can indeed make a difference in another person’s life:  In the words of Madiba:  “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” 

COJOT Product Spotlight: Tactical Communication Antennas

COJOT offers a wide variety of tactical communication antennas that are ideally suitable for latest multi-band tactical radios used in e.g. public safety and military ground based and ground-to-air applications. COJOT antennas are renowened for reliability and durability – providing a solid coverage over HF, VHF, UHF and SHF bands while keeping a low profile.

Vehicular C3I Antenna (30 – 512 MHz)

The C30512M provides an effective coverage over the entire 30 – 512 MHz frequency range, making it the ideal choice for latest JTRS and modern SDRs. The radiator of the antenna can be easily detached by rotating it at its spring.

  • Unique electrical design enables optimal performance over the entire 30 – 512 MHz frequency range
  • Covert and rugged mechanical design with a flexible steel whip

Detachable radiator without the need for tools





Handheld Adaptive Antenna (30 – 520 MHz)

The TA30512H is a low profile antenna that can be tuned via the RF connector to use the optimum matching circuitry at the required frequency. It thus provides superior gain performance over traditionally matched wideband antennas.

  • Low profile antenna with superior gain performance
  • Fast tuning to a new frequency band allows the antenna to be used in different kind of applications
  • Supports also very wide transmission bandwidths

Control integrated to the TNC-type connector



Fixed-site Directional Antenna (225 – 512 MHz)

The WR2250B is a wideband corner reflector antenna for mast mounting. Its lightweight mechanical design allows fast and easy deployment as well as space-saving storage. This highly efficient antenna is very well suited for use with modern SDRs.

  • Excellent performance
  • Easy and quick setup
  • Foldable for compact storage
  • Deployable for vertical or horizontal polarization



Handheld Dual Band Antenna

The WB226H is a wideband dual band antenna optimized for the 225-450 MHz (UHF I) and 760-2600 MHz (LTE) band.

  • Two antennas integrated into the same mechanic:
  1. Low band monopole antenna covers the UHF band from 225 MHz to 450 MHz
  2. Ground plane independent high band antenna covers the band from 760 to 2600 MHz
  • Rugged antenna construction with a flexible gooseneck

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COJOT Product Spotlight: Smart Antennas

COJOT offers two types of Smart Antennas:

  • Switched Beam Antennas (SBAs)
  • Mission Adaptive Antennas

COJOT Switched Beam Antennas (SBAs) combine the outputs of multiple antennas in such a way that fixed beams are steered with a heightened sensitivity and gain to a particular or multiple directions. The SBA communicates with the transceiver to detect the signal strength and chooses from one to several predetermined fixed beams and switches between them as the mobile moves throughout the sector. This way the most appropriate constellation of single or multiple beams that are steered towards the desired signal can be selected.

SBA2458DB Dual Band Switched Beam Antenna for 2.4 and 5.8 GHz​

The SBA2458DB is a dual band switched beam antenna covering the 2.4 and 5.8 GHz frequency bands (WiFi). The antenna beam can be switched by remote control to achieve optimal gain to the desired direction and to avoid interference from unwanted directions. The antenna provides up to 20 sharp beams  to cover the full 360 degree horizontal area. Its extremely fast beam switching ability makes the antenna suitable for complex node network in tactical communication.

Our Switched Beam Antennas are, thanks to their ability for extremely fast beam switching, highly suitable for complex node networks in tactical communications.

COJOT Mission Adaptive Antennas are matched based on controlled band switching, where the frequency band is split into smaller slots and each slot is matched separately. The RF signal is connected through the most optimal matching circuit using RF switches and fast control logic. This switching technology is compatible with frequency hopping. The active matching is controlled by the radio or autonomously by the antenna. The control signal and supply voltage are fed to the antenna through the antenna connector or through a separate data connector.

TA3925M Tunable Vehicular VHF/UHF Mission Adaptive Antenna

The TA3925M is a tunable antenna with a steel whip radiator for the 30 to 512 MHz frequency band with optimized performace for the 30-90 MHz and 225-450 MHz bands. This low profile antenna can be tuned by remote control to use the optimum matching circuitry at the required frequency. The extremely fast tuning ability makes the antenna suitable for most of the conventional modulation types.

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mWAVE Product Spotlight: HRP3-800 3-ft High Performance Point-to-Point Antenna

mWAVE Industries LLC (mWAVE) recently completed comprehensive testing, commercialization and production of its new 3-ft (0.9-m) diameter high performance and high gain 80 GHz point to point antenna model HRP3-800.

This high performance, high gain 3-ft (0.9m) PTP antenna model is utilized by commercial carriers, government, defense and wherever high throughput is required.  This HRP3-800 model features a field proven azimuth (AZ) and elevation (EL) fine adjustment feature that is also available on the smaller mWAVE 1-ft (0.3m) and 2-ft. (0.9m) 80-GHz models. mWAVE’s  80 GHz product line to date has had a significant impact in the high frequency PTP antenna market worldwide. This model is also available with the optional dual polarized adapter. This model is currently compatible with many of the industry leading 80 GHz OEM radio direct connect ODU designs.

The addition of the HRP3-800 high gain model allows integrators and carriers an antenna solution to achieve longer 80 GHz radio links.

With the addition of this model mWAVE expands its already comprehensive portfolio of millimeter-wave antenna designs and related products in the 60, 94 & 110 GHz frequency bands.

Product Features

  • Frequency Band: 71.0 – 86.0 GHz  (other bands available are 60 94 & 110 GHz)
  • Antenna Type: High Performance
  • Diameter: 3-ft (0.9m)
  • Gain: 54.0 dBi
  • Beam width: 0.3°
  • Cross Pol. Disc: 35-dB
  • Front to Back Ratio: 74-dB
  • Modular configurations including with and without mounts
  • Optional dual polarization adapter available
  • Features the industries easiest to install and AZ/EL adjustment mount solution.
  • Integrates into a wide range of platforms ranging from fixed, airborne, rapid deployment and ruggedized versions. Customizable applications available.

Please see the product spec sheet here

COJOT Product Spotlight: Multiuse Antennas

COJOT is offering multiuse antennas which can be installed on a vehicle or on a mast depending on the need and situation in the field. These antennas do not require a ground plane for proper operation and can be easily installed onto vehicles, shelters and masts.

These multiuse antennas are easy to use in the field and it takes only a  minute to move the radiator from the vehicle to the mast and vice versa.

Some examples of these antennas are:





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Naval Monitoring Products (OMNI-A0205 & SYST-A0005)

Alaris Antennas manufactures Naval rated monitoring antennas. There are two approaches: Omni directional (OMNI-A0205) vs rotating high gain directional antennas (SYST-A0005).


This vertically polarised omni-directional antenna consists of an active antenna array, covering 20 to 6000 MHz. The antennas are combined under 1 compact radome and output in either a single (OMNI-A0205-01) or two connectors (OMNI-A0205-02). The active part of the antenna protects the system from excessive field strengths and boosts low level signals.

The active version of this antenna relies on DC power injection on the output port of the antenna. The antenna is best utilised with the MISC-A0022 power supply for this purpose. The OMNI-A0205-01 features a passive-bypass mode which is engaged when the antenna is not powered. In this mode, the antenna is completely passive, allowing for low distortion measurements in the presence of high incident fields.

Based on the OMNI-A0098, the antenna is mechanically hardened to withstand the harsh environments experienced in maritime applications.


The SYST-A0005 is a shipborne rotatable antenna system used for wideband detection and monitoring of communication signals. It consists of two LPDA antennas fitted to a single vertical mast, mounted on a rotator. The rotator can be aimed at all angles and is controlled via software.

The LPDA-A0083 is a large LPDA for 30 to 1000 MHz and is mounted on top of the mast. The LPDA-A0084 is a small LPDA mounted at the base of the mast. The SYST-A0005 features low-loss internal cables, a rotary joint for unlimited continuous rotation and a protected cable exit system.

It is designed for shipboard use above deck and has been tested to withstand a 200 km/h wind speed. All components are stainless steel and aluminium for complete protection from salt. The antenna has ample power capability for immunity from nearby communications and jamming. The mast has an integrated fold-away hoisting boom to facilitate installation with a crane.

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