Countering evolving threats on the battlefield requires agile monitoring, high power transmit and communications. Alaris Antennas supports these requirements with a range of wideband foldable LPDA antennas.

Wideband foldable LPDA

LPDA-A0150 Deployed

LPDA-A0150 Stored

These antennas have foldable elements which makes them easy to stow and deploy. There are no loose parts and tools are not required to deploy the antenna which makes it ideal for tactical applications as well as for use in harsh environments and installations where there is limited space for operators to manoeuvre.

Quick deployment, compact storage, low and stable VSWR are all key requirements on the battlefield which are the main benefits of these foldable LPDAs.

All antenna elements are permanently attached to the boom, to prevent any parts from becoming lost in the field.

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  • Frequency
  • 20 to 100 MHz
  • 30 to 512 MHz
  • 30 to 512 MHz
  • 30 to 88 MHz
  • Application
  • Tactical High Power Transmit
  • Tactical High Power Transmit
  • Tactical High Power Transmit
  • Tactical Communication

*modular design allows the user to deploy either the full assembly or the high frequency section only, depending on the mission requirements.