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Gisela Heyman is the Managing Director of Alaris Antennas and has been with the company for 6 years.  During her first year as MD of Alaris Antennas, she also headed up the operations side of the business.  She has been intimately involved in producing quality antenna systems used in the communication, frequency spectrum monitoring, test…

Interested in a career in Antenna design? Alaris might be the place for you.

Alaris Antennas Bursary Program for the academic year 2022 now open Alaris Antennas invites applications from matriculants or current undergraduate students who are interested in the Alaris Antennas bursary scheme in the following discipline:             Electronic Engineering degree OR Mechanical Engineering degree Who may apply? South African citizens This programs targets academically talented yet economically…

communication antenna

Communication Antennas

Alaris Antennas has an extensive range of omni-directional and directional communication antennas which are designed for mobile, base station, man-portable applications and radio communications.  Our products feature vertical polarisation as well as MIMO antennas.  Watch our video here to find out more.