Cojot Product Spotlight: Lightweight rubber spring antennas

COJOT is promoting its range of compact manpack antennas that feature a rubber spring instead of a traditional shock absorption spring made of steel.  The beneficial characteristic of this alternative type of shock absorption spring is that it makes the antenna up to 30 % lighter and better attenuates oscillation of the antenna.

Wideband UHF Manpack Antenna (420-2700 MHz)

The WD427RQ is a compact manpack antenna that features a rubber spring and comes with high power handling capabilities – making the antenna well suited for portable Counter-RCIED and jamming applications. This antenna is also available with a traditional steel shock absorption spring.

  • Excellent performance over the entire frequency range
  • Small visual signature and low weight

High Gain GSM/3G/LTE Manpack Antenna (790 – 2700 MHz)

The HD827RQ is a high gain manpack that comes with a rubber spring. This light antenna is highly suitable for portable communication and jamming applications. Its centre fed design minimises interference of the human body on the radiation performance of the antenna.

  • Unique electrical design
  • Optimised performance for GSM, 3G and 4G LTE frequency bands
  • Rugged antenna construction with a light rubber shock absorption spring

Lightweight rubber spring solutions are also available for other frequencies

  • 225 – 512 MHz : VHF/UHF Dipole Manpack Antenna WD2245RQ
  • 480 – 2800 MHz: Wideband UHF Manpack Antenna  WD528RQ
  • 800 – 960 MHz, 1710 – 2170 MHz: High Gain Dual-Band Antenna HD820RQ
  • 960 – 1215 MHz: High Gain LINK16 Manpack Antenna HD913RQ

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