COJOT Product Spotlight: Smart Antennas

COJOT offers two types of Smart Antennas:

  • Switched Beam Antennas (SBAs)
  • Mission Adaptive Antennas

COJOT Switched Beam Antennas (SBAs) combine the outputs of multiple antennas in such a way that fixed beams are steered with a heightened sensitivity and gain to a particular or multiple directions. The SBA communicates with the transceiver to detect the signal strength and chooses from one to several predetermined fixed beams and switches between them as the mobile moves throughout the sector. This way the most appropriate constellation of single or multiple beams that are steered towards the desired signal can be selected.

SBA2458DB Dual Band Switched Beam Antenna for 2.4 and 5.8 GHz​

The SBA2458DB is a dual band switched beam antenna covering the 2.4 and 5.8 GHz frequency bands (WiFi). The antenna beam can be switched by remote control to achieve optimal gain to the desired direction and to avoid interference from unwanted directions. The antenna provides up to 20 sharp beams  to cover the full 360 degree horizontal area. Its extremely fast beam switching ability makes the antenna suitable for complex node network in tactical communication.

Our Switched Beam Antennas are, thanks to their ability for extremely fast beam switching, highly suitable for complex node networks in tactical communications.

COJOT Mission Adaptive Antennas are matched based on controlled band switching, where the frequency band is split into smaller slots and each slot is matched separately. The RF signal is connected through the most optimal matching circuit using RF switches and fast control logic. This switching technology is compatible with frequency hopping. The active matching is controlled by the radio or autonomously by the antenna. The control signal and supply voltage are fed to the antenna through the antenna connector or through a separate data connector.

TA3925M Tunable Vehicular VHF/UHF Mission Adaptive Antenna

The TA3925M is a tunable antenna with a steel whip radiator for the 30 to 512 MHz frequency band with optimized performace for the 30-90 MHz and 225-450 MHz bands. This low profile antenna can be tuned by remote control to use the optimum matching circuitry at the required frequency. The extremely fast tuning ability makes the antenna suitable for most of the conventional modulation types.

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