COJOT Product Spotlight: Tactical Communication Antennas

COJOT offers a wide variety of tactical communication antennas that are ideally suitable for latest multi-band tactical radios used in e.g. public safety and military ground based and ground-to-air applications. COJOT antennas are renowened for reliability and durability – providing a solid coverage over HF, VHF, UHF and SHF bands while keeping a low profile.

Vehicular C3I Antenna (30 – 512 MHz)

The C30512M provides an effective coverage over the entire 30 – 512 MHz frequency range, making it the ideal choice for latest JTRS and modern SDRs. The radiator of the antenna can be easily detached by rotating it at its spring.

  • Unique electrical design enables optimal performance over the entire 30 – 512 MHz frequency range
  • Covert and rugged mechanical design with a flexible steel whip

Detachable radiator without the need for tools





Handheld Adaptive Antenna (30 – 520 MHz)

The TA30512H is a low profile antenna that can be tuned via the RF connector to use the optimum matching circuitry at the required frequency. It thus provides superior gain performance over traditionally matched wideband antennas.

  • Low profile antenna with superior gain performance
  • Fast tuning to a new frequency band allows the antenna to be used in different kind of applications
  • Supports also very wide transmission bandwidths

Control integrated to the TNC-type connector



Fixed-site Directional Antenna (225 – 512 MHz)

The WR2250B is a wideband corner reflector antenna for mast mounting. Its lightweight mechanical design allows fast and easy deployment as well as space-saving storage. This highly efficient antenna is very well suited for use with modern SDRs.

  • Excellent performance
  • Easy and quick setup
  • Foldable for compact storage
  • Deployable for vertical or horizontal polarization



Handheld Dual Band Antenna

The WB226H is a wideband dual band antenna optimized for the 225-450 MHz (UHF I) and 760-2600 MHz (LTE) band.

  • Two antennas integrated into the same mechanic:
  1. Low band monopole antenna covers the UHF band from 225 MHz to 450 MHz
  2. Ground plane independent high band antenna covers the band from 760 to 2600 MHz
  • Rugged antenna construction with a flexible gooseneck

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