mWAVE Industries LLC (mWAVE) recently completed a comprehensive development, testing, commercialization and production of its new RPOD07-27-CS a 17-in. (43cm) High Band Offset Antenna for use in the scientific, military, commercial and research sectors of the communications industry.

This 1.600 – 3.800 GHz high band antenna consists of a dual linear polarized – single offset composite reflector with a 17-inch (43cm) aperture. The antennas high precision feed is capable of either vertical or horizontal polarization and is configured with two SMA or Type N inputs that are located behind the focal point of the reflector. These RF inputs are phase-matched to one another within 10-degrees over the specified operating frequency. The RPOD07-27-CS is available with an optional removable riflescope that  is located at the top of the reflector rim for optical alignment.

Product Features:

  • Frequency Band: 1.600 – 3.800 GHz  (other bands available)
  • Antenna Type: High Band Offset  Antenna
  • Diameter: 17-in. (43cm)
  • Polarization: Dual Linear
  • This antenna is fully customizable to meet a customer’s specific applications needs.

This model is customizable to meet a customer’s specific applications needs. Contact an mWAVE to discuss your requirement and pricing.