mWAVE’s 0.3m (1-ft.) Parabolic Antennas go the Distance

mWAVE’s small aperture millimeter wave antennas are used worldwide in a diverse array of applications.  In a recent project the mWAVE HRP1-800 – 1-ft. (0.3m) parabolic antenna was selected to solve a back-haul requirement in a project that provides broadband access to remote communities in Africa and South America. In other projects these small diameter antennas have been utilized in rapid deployment situations for disaster recovery programs such as post-earthquake and hurricane impacted areas with great success.

Generally deployed in fixed point to point situations these antennas have most recently been designed into innovative mobile platforms. The use of millimeter wave antennas can include voice, data and video applications across the commercial, government, and military communication segments of the industry.  mWAVE engineers, design and manufacture 80-GHz millimeter wave antennas in 1-ft (0.3m), 2-ft (0.6m), 3-ft (0.9m) and 4-ft (1.2m) diameter sizes that exhibit typical terrestrial hop ranges of 0.5 miles (1km) to 7-miles (12km).  When deployed in a stratospheric airborne scenario these hops can be in increased by 25 – 50 times. 

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