Paul Eveleigh brings a wealth of experience to Alaris Antennas

“Motivation gets you started but discipline keeps you going” says Paul Eveleigh, new Senior Business Development Manager at Alaris Antennas.

Alaris Antennas is proud to welcome Paul Eveleigh to their sales and marketing team. With a strong focus on international market development, Paul will be responsible for developing sales in Europe and Asia by further building on our strong track record of customer and
partnership development. He will also deliver growth to support new initiatives.

Paul will oversee implementing and managing sales activities, identify new market opportunities and defining the actions required to bring a new dynamic to our business and generate new growth.
Starting off a career in Engineering, Paul also worked as a medic in the South African Defence force. He found his passion in sales and developing international markets with an electronics components company. Paul has travelled to over 46 countries and has embraced the cultural diversity he was exposed to along the way.

Born in the UK and having spent most of his life in South Africa, Paul moved with his family to the UK three years ago to begin an exciting new position. Sadly the pandemic limited the scope of his move. He has returned to South Africa with his family to take on a new role with Alaris Antennas.

Paul is excited about working for Alaris Antennas. He has been active in sales and marketing for 27 years with a very large portion of that in international market development in the Defence, Aerospace, Telecom and Industrial sectors.