Do you need help in choosing the right Antenna for your application? Do you want to choose an antenna according to frequency bands? Below you will find the links to the Alaris Antenna Selection Guides. Because we have more than 300 antennas available, we have split the guides according to antenna type, with the application areas covered shown in brackets.

In each guide you will find a section showing the frequency bands that is available for that antenna type. e.g. for LPDA Antennas it will be 0 MHz to 8GHz. A blue bar with the antenna code to the left will indicate what frequency the antenna covers. Once you have found the antenna that covers the frequency you are looking for, you can scroll down to the table at the bottom of the guide.

This table gives you more details on the antenna you have selected. Here you will find the Product Description, Frequency, Gain,  Polarisation, Physical Dimensions, Mass, Connector type and Power of the antenna. If you need more information you  can click on the antenna code (left side of the table) to go to the product page on our website, where you can find the complete specification sheet.