The DF-A0047 is a handheld wideband direction finding antenna for DF and transmitter hunting in the 20 to 8500 MHz band.
It combines several antennas in a neat housing. It also has integrated electronics to make it more effective when used in conjunction with signal analysers.
A single RF output is provided, with internal switching selecting the appropriate antenna, and also choosing to connect or bypass the pre-amplifier.
The amplifier is a low-noise wideband amplifier that enhances system sensitivity in active mode. In passive mode, the amplifier is bypassed so that the antenna can be used in the presence of strong signals.
The DF-A0047-01 is an extension module for 9 kHz to 20 MHz which is available as an option. It is a loop antenna with a diameter of 300 mm.
The DF-A0047-02 combines the DF-A0047 with a neat and robust carrycase.