Alaris Antennas provides various services to augment its range of antenna products.

These services include:

  • DF Calibration

The performance of many DF antennas is only as good as its calibration data. We have access to both an indoor chamber as well as an outdoor test range where we can perform specialised DF calibrations based on client defined parameters and algorithms to ensure that the antennas perform optimally when integrated into the system.

  • Environmental Qualifications

Environmental qualifications are an important part of system design and design validation throughout our industry. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians can perform client specific environmental and EMC qualification tests on any of our products in order to fulfil a specific system implementation requirement.

  • Simulation Studies

Knowing how an antenna or set of antennas will perform once installed on a platform is invaluable, but very difficult to analyse and time consuming to test. We can assist clients by providing simulation / platform placement studies on a single or a combination of our wide range of antenna products. The simulation studies can identify ideal locations for the various antennas on a given platform as well as provide data on how the antennas would interact with one another. This allows system architects to design a system with optimal performance for a given implementation.

  • Antenna customisation to meet our clients requirements

We have a very wide product range, but every system implementation is slightly different and possibly requires a unique product to fulfil the client needs. Most of our products can be customised to meet client specific needs. Furthermore, we can also design and manufacture bespoke products should none of our current products meet the client specific requirements.